2017 Exhibitions

Nov 18 - Jan 14

Brenda Wright, From East to West - Main Gallery
Mama Girl - Francis Gallery

Aug 25 - Oct 23

RMA Juried Show for Virginia Artists

June 9 - Aug 4

Angela Meron, Marcy Rosenblat, Ben Vitualla, and Blair Vaughn-Gruler - Main Gallery

Sarah C. B. Guthrie - Francis Gallery

April 13 - May 20

Two in One: High School Exhibit - Main Gallery
RMA Outreach Exhibition - Francis Gallery

Mar 11 - April 1

Fundraiser and Exhibit - Main Gallery and Francis Gallery

Jan 13- Feb 24

      Solo Shows by Erlene Hendrix And Jeffrey Allison – Main Gallery
                                    Holiday Show- Francis Gallery

2016 Exhibitions


Dec 18- Jan 29

  Plastic Traditions (Landscapes, Figures and Vessels after Clay) – Main Gallery

             Under Southern Skies (photography) - Francis Gallery

Feb 4- March 6

Blackwater Artist League Exhibition (Works by the local art league) - Main Gallery
                                    BAL featured artist, Bonnie Greene - Francis Gallery

Mar 19 - April 9 

    Night at the Museum Fundraiser and Exhibit  -Main and Francis Gallery

Apr 21– May 23 

  Annual Area High School, Featuring works from 7 area schools - Main Gallery

RMA Outreach Exhibition Francis Gallery

June 10 – July 31 

 Rawls Juried Art Exhibit EMERGING IVMain and Francis Gallery

Aug 5 – Sept 9 

(Anna Velkoff Freeman) Bees and Bots, Ceramics and Mixed Media - Main Gallery

(Jeannine Peregrine) Postcards From Everywhere, Collage and Mixed Media-                                         Francis Gallery

Sept. 30- Nov. 5

Main Gallery

Nov 18- Jan 13 

    Vittorio Colaizzi, Katherine Henry-Choisser and Don Crow Paintings- Main Gallery

Permanent Collection - Francis Gallery

2015 Exhibitions

Dec 12, 2014- Jan 30 , 2015

Main Gallery- Three Hampton Roads Artists Paint en Plein Air
Francis Gallery- Jill Tiderman, Come in Closer

Feb 5- March 6

Main Gallery- Blackwater Artist League Exhibition, Works by the local art league
Francis Gallery- Dr. Jorge Naranjo, Small Works

Mar 21 - April 9

Main and Francis Galleries - Enchanted Forest Exhibition and Fundraiser

Apr 23– May 23

Main Gallery- Two In One, Annual Area High School Exhibition
Francis Gallery- RMA Outreach Exhibition

June 8 – July 11

Main Gallery- EMERGING III, 2015 Rawls Juried Art Exhibit 
Francis Gallery- Dana Frostick

July 18- Aug. 31

Main and Francis Galleries- J.M. Henry and Jayson Lowery, Studio Meditations

Sept 12- Nov 8

Main and Francis Galleries- Sally Bowring and Amie Oliver

Dec. 18, 2015- Jan 29, 2016

Main Gallery- Plastic Traditions (Landscape, Figures and Vessels after Clay)
Francis Gallery- Southern Skies, photography by Shelley E. Chambers and John Belch

2014 Exhibitions

December 20, 2013 - Jan 21, 2014

Main and Francis gallery - Friends and Friends of Friends
 a show featuring works by artists who have shown at RMA in the last year and their friends 

Feb 8 - Feb 27

Main and Francis Gallery - RAWLYWOOD fundraiser, Hollywood Squares exhibition

March 6 - April 13

Main and Francis Gallery - Blackwater Artist League,
works by the local art league

April 24-May 23

Two in One
Main Gallery - Annual Area High School Exhibition, featuring work from 7 area schools
Francis Gallery - work created in the RMA Outreach Program

June 7 - July 3

Main and Francis Gallery - Rawls Juried Exhibit, juror Nancy Kinzinger

July 18 - August 31

Main and Francis Gallery - Virginia Curated, curators Deborah McLeod, Amie Oliver and Nobile Amundsen selected top Virginia Artists: 

Tim Bearse, Hampton Boyer, Genesis Chapman, Don Crow, Peter Eudenbach, Nikki Leone, J.M. Henry, Randy Heese, Ken Horne, Karen Hubacher, Rebecca Kamen, Liz Liguoiri, Christopher Mahonski, Jessie Mann, Sally Mann, Cindy Neuschwander, Bruce Wilhelm, Millicent Young

Virginia Curated

Sept 26 - Nov 28

Main Gallery: Visible Traces, Mary Buchanan, Julia Pfaff and Eric Pardue
Francis Gallery: Curator Trudi Van Dyke presents Woodland Wanderings works by Mary Lazar, Skeeter Scheid and Vivian Milholen

Buchanan, Marks from a letter

Dec 12, 2014 - Jan 30, 2015

Main Gallery-Three Virginia Painters present Plein Air Paintings
Francis Gallery- Jill Tiderman works

2013 Exhibitions

Jan 11– Feb 20, 2013 

 Main Gallery - A Selection from the Permanent Collection 
 Francis Gallery - Paintings And Then Some, David French

Untitled,  David French          

Mar 1- Apr 9, 2013

Main Gallery - Blackwater Artist League Exhibition, Works by the local art league
Francis Gallery - Virginia Derryberry, Alchemical Narratives, Representational figurative 

Virginia Derryberry,  Francis Gallery        

Apr 25- May 23, 2013

Main Gallery - Two In One, Annual Area High School ExhibitionFeaturing  7 area schools
Francis Gallery - Outreach Exhibition, Featuring work created in the Outreach Program

June 7 – July 11, 2013

 Main and Francis Gallery - 2013 Rawls Juried Art Exhibition (Juror Jessica Sims)

Untitled by Naomi Falk (2013 Juried Show)

July 27- Aug 31, 2013

Main Gallery- Southern Culture Photography Show, Glen McClure, Jeffrey Allison, 
Brenda Wright, Leeta Harding, Alan Gavalya, 
Francis Gallery - Southern Sites Photography Show

Southern Culture, right, Brenda Wright, left Glen McClure

Sept 20- Nov 11, 2013

Main Gallery- Jessica Sims, Maybe This Time, Winner of the 2012 Juried Show

Jessica Sims, Clarrisa Explains Nothing                           

Dec 7, 2013

Annual Fundraiser

Exhibitions  2012

      Jan- Feb, 2012  

                                   Main and Francis Gallery - A Selection from the Permanent Collection 

Mar- April, 2012 

          Main Gallery - Blackwater Artist League Exhibition 
  Francis Gallery - Blair Vaughn-Gruler, Poetry of Geometry

Apr– May, 2012 

          Main Gallery - Two In One, Annual Area High School Exhibition 
                                    Francis Gallery - RMA Outreach Exhibition

June– July, 2012

            Main Gallery - 2012 Juried Art Exhibition  
Francis Gallery - Marcy Rosenblat, Common Objects
Marcy Rosenblat, White Light

July- Aug, 2012

Main Gallery - Year of the Dragon, Group Show
                                     Francis Gallery - Carolyn Phillips, Human Deconstruction

Sept- Nov, 2012

            Main Gallery - Katherine Mann, Cocoon
Francis Gallery - Linda Smith, New Paintings

Linda Smith, Untitled

Katherine Mann, Coccon


                   Main Gallery and Francis Gallery - Annual Fundraiser, Locally Made

Exhibitions  2011

Jan 14– Feb 20, 2011
             Blackwater Artist League Exhibition – Main Gallery
                                    A Selection from the Permanent Collection – Francis Gallery

Mar 4- April 9, 2011 
           To Possess a Light Within: Recent Photographs by Jeffrey Allison- Main Gallery
                                    Jennifer Foley, desert(ed)– Francis Gallery
Jeffrey Allison, An Inner Light
Jennifer Foley, desert(ed)

Apr 21– May 23, 2011
            Two In One, Annual Area High School Exhibition – Main Gallery
                                    RMA Outreach Exhibition – Francis Gallery

June 3 – July 11, 2011
            2011 Juried Art Exhibition – Main Gallery
Back to Bexwood, Paintings by Jessica Sims- Francis Gallery

July 29 - Aug 31, 2011
            Luc Demers, Darkened Rooms- Main Gallery
                                     Daniel Calder, ConcessionsFrancis Gallery

Sept 15- Nov 11, 2011
            Joseph Dibella, Recent Works- Main Gallery
C.A.K.E. III, Arts and Krafts Enthusiasts Group Exhibition- Francis Gallery
Late Nov/Dec, 2011
                        Annual Fundraiser

 Exhibitions 2010

Jan 14– Feb 20, 2010
Selections from the Permanent Collection- Main & Francis Galleries

Mar 3- April 9, 2010
               Blackwater Artists League– Main Gallery
                                    A Selection from the Permanent Collection– Francis Gallery

April 21- May 23, 2010
         Two In One Annual Area High School Exhibition– Main Gallery
                                    Outreach Exhibition– Francis Gallery

June 4- July 11, 2010
          2010 Juried Art Exhibition, Sally Bowring Juror– Main Gallery
                                    2009 WinnerNikki Painter, Alternative Realities– Francis Gallery

July 16- Sept. 5, 2010
             Steve GriffinForty-five Years of Painting– Main Gallery
                                    Cake II, The Sequel– Francis Gallery
Sept 18-Nov 17, 2010 
          Anna Freeman, Shaping Earth– Main Gallery
Gary Garbett, Insequential Sequence– Main Gallery
                                    Whitney RaineyWunderkammer– Francis Gallery
Dec 11, 2010 
       Coastal Christmas Fundraiser- Main Gallery
                                   Episodic Narrative- Main Gallery Exhibition

2009 Exhibitions

Jan 16– Feb 20, 2009
             Sydney Meers– Main Gallery
                                    The Voodoo that you do – group show – Francis Gallery

Mar 4- April 9, 2009 
              Blackwater Artist League Exhibition- Main Gallery
                                    Sheila Holland– Francis Gallery

Apr 21– May 23, 2009
            Two In One, Annual Area High School Exhibition – Main Gallery
                                    RMA Outreach Exhibition – Francis Gallery

June 3 – July 11, 2009
            2009 Juried Art Exhibition – Main Gallery

July 29 - Aug 31, 2009 
           New Image Self Image Quilt Show- Main Gallery
                                     George Van Dyke, Wood turnings – Francis Gallery

Sept 15- Nov 11, 2009
            Russian Painter, Alexey Terenin- Main Gallery
C.A.K.E. III, Arts and Krafts Enthusiasts Group Exhibition- Francis Gallery
Late Nov/Dec, 2009
              Annual Fundraiser

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