Virginia Curated

Three Curators selected works of art for inclusion in the first iteration of top Virginia artists at Rawls Museum Arts. 
July 18 - August 31

The following are the curators and the artists they selected:
Deborah McLeod
J. M. Henry, Ken Horne, Karen Hubacker, Rebecca Kamen, Millicent Young
Nobile and Amundsen
Brad Hall, Jason Stick and John Sebastian Vitale, Tim Bearse, Hampton Boyer, Peter Eudenbach, Randy Hess, Nikki Leone
Amie Oliver
Genesis Champan, Don Crow, Liz Liguoiri, Christopher Mahonski, Jessie Mann, Sally Mann, Cindy Neuschwander, Bruce Wilhelm and the Mountain Lake Workshop

Rawls Museum Arts
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Courtland, Virginia 23837
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