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Michelle Gagliano
James River Views
The tangle of my surrounding landscape and its plethora of resources has always been one of my main sources of inspiration, as well as the source of the sustainable, eco-friendly materials I use. Nature provides so much to capture, examine and test. In more recent works, and in this current body of work, I have focused on the illuminating force of light in nature contrasted with the absence of light. Where there is light, there is often a shadow or darkness, and it is this dichotomy and movement that I have explored on panel. Again, I have utilized gold to convey light but this time, I have focused my attention to see how reduced and deconstructed I can reach in interpreting the landscape. Each piece is an example of the use of natural materials from shoe polish to natural earth paints and solvents, which connects the works to the concept that these materials are all part of the earth and back to the earth they will return.

- Michelle Gagliano

The Francis Gallery will feature
Santa Sergio De Haven
Some Instructions Included

Some instructions included – thoughts on art and information

The way I know a thing, and the way I often share that knowledge, is through a picture – a small illustration or sketch – drawn, and drawn again with more detail the second time, and with perspective the next time, and then with darks and lights. Drawing the same thing once, and then again, a little more precisely, and then again – until I see it and you can see it too. 

In the collages here the usual suspects of organic forms and geometric shapes are joined by pieces of visual information for making (garments, buildings, machine parts) and figure drawings. Key elements have an obvious past, a purpose - to convey information. Images drift away and toward each other in a very open space. My intention is to connect ways we “see” and “know” and communicate information.

- Santa Sergio De Haven

Both shows run through April 23, 2021. During the opening reception, RMA will follow CDC guidelines. The Gallery will be open by appointment only for the duration of the exhibition.

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