Ship of Fellows, 
and VMFA's Art on the Road


In a unique opportunity to present an exhibition in conjunction with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts', "Art on the Road", 20 artists from around the state are featured in the Rawls Museum exhibition "Ship of Fellows" to open Friday, May 31, in Courtland Virginia.

Artists who have shown at Rawls in the past and friends who are also past recipients of VMFA fellowships are featured with works in various media reflecting the work they have continued to create since being awarded a fellowship. Please join us at the opening to celebrate the "Ship of Fellows".

Artists included are: Jeffrey Allison, Sally Bowring, Vittorio Colaizzi, Leigh Anne Chambers, Don Crow, Peter Eudenbach, Michelle Gagliano, Jason Hackett, Martha Jones, Ryan Lytle, Fiona Ross, Diego Sanchez, Kristen Skees, Pam Sutherland, Heide Trepanier, Daniel Turner, Kendra Wadsworth, Hilary Wilder, Sarah Boyts Yoder and Aggie Zed.

Image is "Better Luck Next Time" by Ryan Lytle
On Display May 31 - July 8 

VMFA on the Road
was here May 31!
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, located in Richmond, is now one of the nation's top ten comprehensive art museums and it is headed here with the new state-of -the-art mobile gallery. The exhibition displays art by Sally Mann other past VMFA fellows.

All openings at RMA are free and open to the public.

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